Christ Point Academy students are asked to adhere to the dress code of a school
uniform in our academic, 9-1 program. We want all students to experience a loving, family environment at school. It is our desire to eliminate anything that might hinder that mission or
cause someone to feel “less than”, perhaps because they are not dressed a certain
way. We have all made judgments about someone according to how they were
dressed however, we want to encourage students to create friendships because of
who that person is on the inside, not because of their outward appearance. We
do however want the uniforms to be affordable for everyone and therefore are not
requiring they come from a specific store.

A few places that have reasonable priced uniforms include Academy Sports, Old Navy, Wal Mart (online), Target. 

SHIRTS – Colors for polo style shirts include White, Navy, or Red

PANTS/SHORTS/SKIRTS – Colors for pants, longer style shorts, or appropriate length skirts/jumpers include: Khaki or Navy

See below for examples.

Students may wear their choice of shoes as long as they are conducive for recess/ PE.