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Tuition Rates

A curriculum fee (amount varies by grade level) is due by June 1 to cover the cost of traditional textbooks, student worktexts, facilitator material, and licensing fee for BJU Press. Students will keep their consumable books at the end of the year, but return their textbooks to Christ Point Academy on the last day of school.

Tuition payments are due the 1st of each month. The first tuition payment will be due on August 1st and the last tuition payment for the school year will be due on May 1st (10 months total).

We will be offering a 5% discount on tuition for any additional siblings that enroll.

We will offer the option to attend less than 4 days, if desired. Please note if you attend less than 4 days, the parent will need to do the teaching on the days they are at home so the student will remain on the same schedule when they return to the classroom.  Most families choose to enroll their students all 4 days, as this provides the most consistency for the students.  

K4 - K5

4 Days per week
$375per month

1st - 5th Grade

4 Days per week
$425per month

6th - 8th Grade

4 days per week
$450per month