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christ point academy


The majority of the curriculum used at Christ Point Academy is provided by BJU Press.  BJU Press provides educational materials written from a biblical worldview that focus on academic rigor and encourages critical thinking—all supported by appropriate educational technology. It is their mission to empower Christian educators to have an impact on the world for Christ without sacrificing academic excellence. To find out more about BJU Press please visit their website at

  • PreK 4 – 8th grade are taught the curriculum directly from our in-house teachers.  Our hybrid approach allows for co-teaching by parents and teachers.  Our teachers prepare lesson plans each week, grade assignments and assign grades.  The bulk of the teaching is done at school four days per week.  Parents will teach at home 1 day per week following the teacher-prepared lesson plan.  This allows parents to assess student understanding, work with their child to reinforce concepts and spend quality time doing enrichment activities at home.
  • Any assignments not finished at school should be taken home to complete