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K4 – 5th Grade

We offer a complete curriculum of core subjects taught by our in-house teachers for K4 – 5th grade.

Assignments will be started in class and anything not completed will be finished at home. 

Assignments/Tests will be graded and available to parents so they can have a complete assessment of how their child is progressing in each subject.

Daily Bible/devotion & prayer time and weekly Chapel

Students will bring their lunch and enjoy eating together each day.

Daily recess/P.E. for all students.  (two 20 min recesses for K-5 & one 20 min PE)

Flexibility of Our Program 

Christ Point Academy is here to provide support, structure, and community for your homeschooling experience. Flexibility is a key component of this program. We desire to provide families with substantial help while maintaining the flexibility for families to take vacations or miss class when needed and still be able to keep on track outside the classroom. If there is a need to miss or you only want your child to come on certain days, the teaching portion would need to be done by the parent and the student complete the assignment that accompanies each lesson. You, as the parent and ultimate authority over your child’s education, will determine the necessary steps to “make up” missed classroom sessions. If you just want your child to read over the lessons that they are missing, that is your decision. If you want them to complete every assignment, that is acceptable too. We will not require that every assignment be completed and turned in when you miss class. This homeschool program is simply here to act as a guide and will offer major support but as the parent, you will have the final say as to what you are requiring for your child’s individualized education.

We will provide assessments for parents to review so they can remain focused on their student’s progress. The details and complete execution for each homeschooling family may look a little different. That is the beauty of this model.

Christ Point Academy is here to help with the foundation and organization of your child’s academics but you are in control to fine tune it if needed. If this model fits but you feel as if it may need tweaking to best fit your child’s needs, please communicate that to us and we will help assist any way we can. This program is meant to relieve stress on your homeschool journey, not create more.