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In the traditional program, students are in grade level classrooms with one teacher. We offer small class sizes, an engaging academic program and a traditional grading structure. CPA chooses the curriculum and the classroom teacher does the lesson planning, teaching and grading. On Wednesdays, students school at home with parental guidance following the teacher-created lesson plan. This is the perfect option for families who are interested in a more traditional model, yet still want to have time at home on Wednesdays to educate their children.


The AGAPE Program @ CPA provides structured, hands-on, differentiated education to families who desire a nontraditional approach. Students in the AGAPE program are allowed the time and space to learn at their own pace. We truly believe that each child is created by God and gifted in their own unique way. Our goal in the AGAPE program is to help each student discover what makes them special, to encourage them to use those giftings for God’s glory, and to help them see themselves through God’s eyes. This program is suited for students who need remediation or are neurodivergent, those who are gifted and need advanced curricula, and families who prefer a more flexible approach to learning. The AGAPE program consists of 3 mixed age classrooms (Primary, Elementary & Secondary) with one teacher and one assistant in each classroom. Students in this program will receive individualized progress monitoring and skills-based report cards aligned with their unique goals. These classrooms are less traditional and are structured to meet the individual needs of students.