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christ point academy

Our Classrooms

Our goal is to limit classes to no more than 10-12 students in grades Kindergarten-5th grade.  This allows us to provide individualized attention and adequate oversight. Pre-K4 will be limited to 11 and 6th – 8th can have up to 15 in each class. Most of our teachers hold a teaching degree and students are taught directly from our in-house teachers.  With our curriculum, students will use traditional student textbooks and student activity worktexts/manuals.  We WILL NOT be using e-books or e-workbooks.

Our teachers/facilitators will develop lesson plans, teach core subject material, grade assignments and assign grades.  Students will receive quarterly report cards.

Teachers/Facilitators will be hired by the school and we will search for the following criteria when hiring a teacher……..

  • A deep desire to serve and please the Lord.
  • A love for children and a desire to see each of them succeed.
  • Teaching experience. Most of our teachers either hold a teaching degree or have experience homeschooling their own children.