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About Christ Point Academy

  • Have you ever longed for a homeschool experience that allows your child the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships in a supportive community of like-minded parents?
  • Have you desired a homeschool experience that allows your child to be taught the core subjects by qualified teachers AND have the opportunity to enjoy daily recess with other friends at the same location?
  • Have you prayed for a homeschool experience that offers help with lesson planning, motivating your child, teaching, and evaluating your child’s academic progress?
  • Are you a new homeschool parent that is not sure where to start?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. This homeschool program was birthed out of a personal need in our own family for more support and structure while homeschooling. We have created this homeschool opportunity to give children the chance to learn together in a safe, engaging, Christ-centered environment. It also provides parents significant help and support in their homeschooling journey.

We are not a cover school. You are required by AL state law to submit a letter of intent to homeschool to your school district in order to legally homeschool. If you want to join a cover school there are many options available.  If you need more direction in this area we will be happy to assist you.


Our Mission

Christ Point Academy is a hybrid learning program that integrates the benefits of a classroom environment and academic support, while also providing weekly opportunities for parent-child homeschooling time.  Our heart and vision at Christ Point Academy is to create a community for students to develop meaningful relationships with other believers that will encourage their walk with Christ.  Our environment seeks to grow students spiritually, emotionally, socially and academically by educating the whole person using God’s Word as our ultimate guide. 

CPA nurtures students…


  • We seek to provide an environment of like-minded families who desire to raise up their children in the Lord
  • Our teachers love the Lord and seek to shine His light in all they do
  • God’s word guides all decision-making
  • We seek to look beyond the surface and use the Bible to point the heart to Christ- not behavior-modification
  • We desire to teach God’s word unapologetically in an atmosphere of love and grace


  • CPA provides a positive and loving environment where students are encouraged to find their identity in Christ
  • Teachers truly care about students’ emotional and social growth, as well as academic success
  • We help our students to recognize their individual giftings and the unique giftings of others, helping them to understand the beauty of God’s design


  • Providing a small classroom environment that allows teachers to know each student on a personal level. This enables them to know each students’ strengths and weaknesses, allowing for maximum academic growth.
  • Many opportunities for hands-on learning and group projects
  • At-Home Learning on Wednesdays that allows for parental oversight and involvement
  • Teachers have the freedom to teach in ways that benefit different learning styles and needs
  • Teachers provide all lesson planning and the bulk of core subject instruction. Teachers also assess learning progress and assign grades.

Our ultimate mission at Christ Point Academy is to combine the best elements of both classroom learning and homeschooling to create a unique environment that supports parents as they seek to educate their children in the Lord.


We are located near the corner of Weatherly Rd and South Memorial Parkway next to Top Key Market Antique Store in the old Wells Fargo Building. The entrance to our location is off Blanda Drive, which is the last red-light before you get to the Parkway on Weatherly Rd. Turn left on Blanda Dr. if you are headed west on Weatherly and we are the 2nd entrance past Firestone Tires. Our address is 10007 South Memorial Parkway, Huntsville, AL, 35803.